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András Sebestyén self-educated painter


I was born in the town Mór (Fejér county, Hungary) in 1979 .
I sign my pictures with the monogram "SA".
I started to paint in 2000 on my own initiative.
My painting can be classified in the styles realism and surrealism. My favourite topics are landscapes and extraordinary themes. 

I painted more than 700 pictures, which are mainly in private ownership. Many of them are now in property of collectors, others are to be seen on own and common exhibitions in shops, galleries and second-hand bookshops of Székesfehérvár. My art and work are approved by an authorised jury. 

My artistic intention is to create a clear, colourful reality and imaginary freedom on my canvases.

Painting is the island of tranquility for me.





Festménysorsolás 2011

Köszönöm szépen dicsérő szavaitokat.

Ezúton szeretnélek tájékoztatni Benneteket, hogy 2011 Karácsonyi festménysorsolás nyertese:  Kokavecz Zsolt

Gratulálunk!  : )

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Sebestyén András

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